The waxing process is essential to deliver perfect skin quality because it removes all small feathers and down. The unique PMJ 3 point suspension system ensures a high quality wax layer around the product. This allows for an effective removal of the smallest feathers and results in a cleaner product. Depending on the required skin quality, the thickness of the wax layer and the amount of dipping cycles is determined. The modular setup allows PMJ to offer a waxing solution specifically adjusted to your needs.

Three point suspension machine

The PMJ Three point suspension machine places the heads of the product (which is already suspended by its legs) in the middle slot of the shackle in a fully automatic way. In this way the product is ideally positioned for an optimal wax application.

Wax immersion tank

The PMJ Wax immersion tank conditions the wax for an optimal distribution of wax onto the product. The design allows a very short dipping time which is preventing product overheating.

Cooling basin

The PMJ Cooling basin is positioned after the hot wax dipping tanks. Products which have just been dipped in hot wax will be submerged in the PMJ Cooling basin to allow the wax-layers to cool down quickly and solidify for easy removal.

Head release machine

The PMJ head release machine unloads the heads of the product from the middle slot of the shackle in a fully automatic way. In this way the product is suspended by its legs only and prepared for an optimal wax removal.

  • Head release machine

Wax remover

The PMJ Wax remover peels the solidified wax from the products. During this peeling process, remaining down and feathers are removed with the wax layer.

Hock wax remover

The PMJ hock wax remover peels the remaining solidified wax from the bird´s hocks. By removing the wax, any remaining down and feathers will be removed with the wax layer as well.

  • Hock wax remover

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