Wax recycling

High skin quality requires high wax quality. The PMJ wax recycling system removes the feathers, fat and other small particles from the used wax. During this process the wax returns to its original structure and characteristics without overheating. This full automatic recycling loop is minimizing the wax consumption per product, improving wax quality, reducing waste and eliminating manual labour completely.

Wax reclaim system

The PMJ wax reclaim system separates the majority of feathers and down from the used wax. The solid wax coming from the wax removers is reconditioned and filtered in this system. The unique filtering system does not require cooking nor high pressure, which precludes the wax to spoil due to feather fat or marrow.

  • Wax reclaim tank - Wax recycling

Wax press

The wax press is an additional feature on the wax reclaim tank and forms the second stage of the recycling process. The feathers and down processed by the wax reclaim tank are pressed in order to remove all the remaining wax. This significantly improves the wax reclaim result and increases the volume of reusable wax.

Settling tank

The settling tank receives the separated wax from the reclaim tank and wax press. The special design of the tank facilitates the settling of any small particles and duck fat, this residue will stay behind in the tank. The final stap includes the cooling down of the wax to an optimal wax dipping temperature.

  • Settling tank

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