Stunning and killing

Stunning and killing is a crucial step in the slaughtering process to create a high quality final product. In a careful and controlled manner the PMJ water bath stunner, stunner control panel and automatic killer will help you to process birds in full compliance with regulations while significantly improving quality and reducing manual labour.

Water bath stunner

The electrical PMJ water bath stunner stuns products in-line in a careful and controlled manner. The control panel provides the possibility to adjust frequency and voltage in a stepless way to get the optimal stunning settings. Safeguarding animal welfare and preserving meat quality at the same time…

Stunner control panel

This stunner control panel is designed to meet the highest standards regarding animal welfare. It can handle all sizes and types of duck, goose, waterfowl and poultry. The easy adjustable amperage and frequency enable you to create the most ideal settings for your product.

Killing machine

The PMJ Killing machine makes an accurate incision at each side of the neck of the shackled product. The two incisions are made in such a way, a maximum bleeding result is achieved whilst keeping the structural connections, trachea (air pipe) and esophagus (feed pipe) intact.

  • Killing machine

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