Whether you’re looking for basic machine and process control or advanced solutions for intelligent processing, the PMJ INcontrol suite covers it all. With extensive modules and tools for machine and line control, insights, monitoring, trend reports and much more you have full control across the factory.

  • INtelligent machine and process control provides full control of all processes
  • INsights and monitoring based on data collection across the entire process
  • INdividual product routing distributes birds to where you need them exactly
  • Multi product handling lets you process multiple breeds, types and sizes on the same line
  • Full traceability of your products through the entire process
  • INtegrations with 3th party systems
  • Remote support and system inspection

INtelligent machine and process control

This module provides you full control of all devices and production lines, from live bird handling to grading and packing. With this solution your operators have all the tools they need to adjust the equipment to optimal conditions. Machine status and notifications are displayed on the easy to use interface, allowing for quick interventions and optimization of the process…

INsights and monitoring

This plant management solution provides you clear and detailed insights of your processing line and equipment, enabling you to maintain control and continuously improve your processes. The software offers dashboards on a management level with the option to drill down to detailed views…

INdividual product routing

Ensure that the right type of product arrives at the right location at the right time. This module enables you to distribute individual birds to where you need them exactly. Based on grades like type, weight or quality birds are routed through the process…

Multi product handling

Process multiple breeds, types and sizes on the same production line. Don’t waste time because of product changeovers and eliminate quality losses due to poorly adjusted machines. Equipped with pre-recorded settings in the form of a recipe, PMJ allows quick and easy adjustment of the machines between your different batches…


Full traceability of your products throughout the entire process to reassure product quality and food safety. Track per lot or individual product and link the output to the input and the other way around. The PMJ traceability module allows you to trace the final products back to the source…


Connect to third party systems and integrate all processes to let them work hand in hand. PMJ offers extensive integration services to connect and synchronize its software with other systems. This enables continuous data transfers from and to other systems. Integrations are possible with a wide variety of systems like ERP and accounting…

Remote support and system inspection

Support is always nearby with this remote support solution. PMJ engineers can diagnose the system and provide remote assistance in the event of a problem. Keep your systems up-to-date with the latest software updates or have customized modifications implemented remotely…

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