Scalding and plucking

Efficient feather removal requires integrated scalding and plucking solutions. The PMJ scalders and pluckers work hand in hand, together delivering excellent plucking result. The scalder ensures an equal heating around the product and creates perfect conditions for the plucking systems. PMJ offers flexible plucking solutions, both in-line pluckers and drum pluckers are available.

In-line plucking 

The PMJ in-line plucking systems provide perfect defeathering quality due to the wide variety of solutions available. Our extensive expertise with technologies like counter rotating and vertical disk plucking guarantees a high-efficient solution to suit your process.

Drum plucking 

The PMJ drum plucking solution delivers the best possible plucking result in the market. You are not limited to an average bird size, a bigger variation within one batch can be handled easily while maintaining good plucking quality.

Tail feather plucker

This machine removes the majority of the feathers from the tail. The tail is mechanically guided in the direction of the rotating drumrolls. The two counter rotating drum rolls grab the feathers and remove them from the tail. The tail is pushed towards the rolls and not blown by air.

  • Tail feather plucker


This pre-scalder is specially developed to improve the processing of ducks and other waterfowl. The majority of dirt and other small particles will be removed from the feather pack in this stage. Thereby creating a much cleaner operation of the main scalder.

  • Pre-shower


The scalder is specially made for ducks and other waterfowl. Due to the balance between water and the amount of agitated air to loosen the feathers, a nice and equal heating around the product’s body is realized. With a system like this the skin of the duck will be heated equally without overheating the tail or breast skin.

Head and neck plucker

This machine removes the majority of the feathers on the head and partly on the neck. The feathers are removed by two downwards rotating drums with rubber picking fingers.

Contramatic plucker

The in-line contramatic plucker is removing the majority of the feather pack. The machine is easy to maintain and clean. With a minimum on adjustments it is easy to fine-tune this machine to allow a wide range of products.

Finisher plucker

This machine is placed after the contramatic plucker and finishes the products by removing the remaining feathers, ensuring a perfect overall plucking result.

Drum plucking system

The PMJ drum plucking system is a complete defeathering solution. It is commonly known that this rotary type of plucker offers the best plucking result and outperforms in-line plucking systems, especially when dealing with size variations.

  • Drum plucking system - Scalding and plucking

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