Poultry processing solutions

We offer a full range of state-of-the-art equipment for all production capacities and processes. Whether you are looking for stand-alone machines or wall-to-wall solutions, we’re able to cover all process-stages – from live bird handling to grading and packing- with manual, semi- and fully-automated solutions.

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Live bird handling

The proper treatment of live birds is vital because of its great impact on the quality and appearance of the final product. This live bird handling solution is designed with the highest animal welfare in mind, we are continuously striving to provide the best possible humane environment by reducing stress to an absolute minimum. The birds remain in their transport module until hanging.

Stunning and killing

Stunning and killing is a crucial step in the slaughtering process to create a high quality final product. In a careful and controlled manner the PMJ water bath stunner, stunner control panel and automatic killer will help you to process birds in full compliance with regulations while significantly improving quality and reducing manual labour.

Scalding and plucking

Efficient feather removal requires integrated scalding and plucking solutions. The PMJ scalders and pluckers work hand in hand, together delivering excellent plucking result. The scalder ensures an equal heating around the product and creates perfect conditions for the plucking systems. PMJ offers flexible plucking solutions, both in-line pluckers and drum pluckers are available.

In-line plucking 

The PMJ in-line plucking systems provide perfect defeathering quality due to the wide variety of solutions available. Our extensive expertise with technologies like counter rotating and vertical disk plucking guarantees a high-efficient solution to suit your process.

Drum plucking 

The PMJ drum plucking solution delivers the best possible plucking result in the market. You are not limited to an average bird size, a bigger variation within one batch can be handled easily while maintaining good plucking quality.


The waxing process is essential to deliver perfect skin quality because it removes all small feathers and down. The unique PMJ 3 point suspension system ensures a high quality wax layer around the product. This allows for an effective removal of the smallest feathers and results in a cleaner product. Depending on the required skin quality, the thickness of the wax layer and the amount of dipping cycles is determined. The modular setup allows PMJ to offer a waxing solution specifically adjusted to your needs.

Wax recycling

High skin quality requires high wax quality. The PMJ wax recycling system removes the feathers, fat and other small particles from the used wax. During this process the wax returns to its original structure and characteristics without overheating. This full automatic recycling loop is minimizing the wax consumption per product, improving wax quality, reducing waste and eliminating manual labour completely.


The PMJ evisceration solutions are specifically aimed at duck, goose and other waterfowl and achieve unbeatable performance in all steps of the process. Solutions are available for any degree of automation, from manual to a virtually labour free process. Evisceration is done by removing the entire viscera pack in one piece. It can either be removed from the carcass completely or placed over the breast of the product. Cleanability comes back in all aspects of the machine design, enforcing world class hygiene standards.

Inspection and organ harvesting 

The inspection and processing of the removed viscera pack requires smart and efficient equipment. PMJ offers various solutions to guarantee optimal inspection and further processing of valuable organs. Our solutions range from synchronized presentation of intestines with birds to various carcass presentation methods like 3-point presentation and shackle dividers. After examination by a veterinary inspector, fully-automated or manual systems allow for hygienic giblet harvesting. Solutions for separating the heart, liver and gizzard from the intestines ensure a fast and easy process.

Gizzard processing

The processing of gizzards is traditionally a labour intensive process. The PMJ gizzard processing line transforms this process into an efficient and almost completely labour free operation. Our experience allows us to configure a tailor made solution based on your product’s characteristics and growing conditions, like staw, wood dust or wire.

Feet processing

Removing the yellow feet skin is an important but labour intensive operation. This fully automatic processing line includes various solutions for feet scalding, de-skinning and chilling. The modular design and flexible integrations allow an ideal configuration and optimal footprint for each customer.


The chilling of whole birds, by-products or giblets requires specific chilling solutions. PMJ offers the full range of chilling methods, from multi stage in-line air chilling to various water immersion chillers. In-line chilling allows birds to be transferred automatically from the evisceration line to the chilling line, as well as from the chilling line to the grading and packing line. Immersion chilling can be either in-line or off-line. Our spin chillers are all designed dedicated to a specific applications like chilling whole birds or smaller parts like feet, tails, wings, necks, livers and gizzards. The giblets can also be chilled on a conveyor belt running through the chilling tunnel. The systems will be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring a suitable answer to all chilling challenges will be found.

Grading and packing

The grading and packing department includes various solutions for weighing, grading, packing and distribution of birds and by-products. Distribute individual birds exactly where you need them based on grading types like weight or quality. Birds can be routed to specific drop-off and packing stations for further handling. The PMJ overhead in-line weighing and grading system categorises the product and gives it a certain quality. This will determine if the birds will be cut into parts or if they will be processed as a whole. Both cutted parts and whole birds can be accurately distributed by the PMJ weighing conveyor belt and processed by our solutions for packing and dispatch. Altogether with our equipment for internal transport and advanced software solutions, we guarantee a highly efficient and integrated end of line operation.

Across the factory

The across the factory collection includes various solution to improve line efficiency throughout the factory with equipment for grading, distribution, rehanging and internal transport.

Individual product routing 

Individual product routing comprises various solutions for weighing, grading and smart routing of birds. Distribute individual birds to where you need them exactly based on grading types like weight or quality. Birds will be routed differently based on your requirements, process steps can be by-passed and birds can be routed to specific drop-off stations. Together with the powerfull PMJ INdividual product routing software you can deliver various final products at the same time on the same line.

Automatic transfer

Automatically transferring birds from one overhead conveyor to the next requires effective and specialized solutions. Especially when dealing with the special characteristics of duck or other large waterfowl, solutions designed for this application specifically are required. The PMJ systems are highly customizable and can be completely configured to suit your needs and requirements. The various options for releasing the birds from the incoming shackle and many possibilities for loading into the outgoing line offers great flexibility. The option for integrated weighing in-between lines means weighing can be done regardless the type of shackle.

Waxing line – Evisceration line

Evisceration line – Chilling line

Chilling line – Grading and packing line

Internal logistics 

Reliable internal transport is essential for the continuous operations in modern day factories. PMJ developed various logistical solutions to fully utilize the PMJ processing equipment, from standalone conveyor belts to complex overhead conveyor systems including automatic washing stations. All transport and handling solutions are custom made and work hand in hand with other equipment.


Whether you’re looking for basic machine and process control or advanced solutions for intelligent processing, the PMJ INcontrol suite covers it all. With extensive modules and tools for machine and line control, insights, monitoring, trend reports and much more you have full control across the factory.

  • INtelligent machine and process control provides full control of all processes
  • INsights and monitoring based on data collection across the entire process
  • INdividual product routing distributes birds to where you need them exactly
  • Multi product handling lets you process multiple breeds, types and sizes on the same line
  • Full traceability of your products through the entire process
  • INtegrations with 3th party systems
  • Remote support and system inspection

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