Stunner control panel

Stunning and killing, software

This stunner control panel is designed to meet the highest standards regarding animal welfare. It can handle all sizes and types of duck, goose, waterfowl and poultry. The easy adjustable amperage and frequency enable you to create the most ideal settings for your product. This way any damage to the product is eliminated. The panel provides you with real time monitoring and recording of voltage, frequency and amperage. Using the touch screen you can quickly scroll through the settings and reporting options.

  • In full compliance with EU norm 1099/2009
  • Always the most ideal settings for your product with predefined settings
  • Stepless frequency setting
  • Real time dashboard and data logging
  • Save your data on USB or SD card
  • Log of all alarms and stops
  • Fully compatible with PMJ Insights and monitoring module

INsights and monitoring

This module provides you clear and detailed insight in the stunner performance. The clear dashboards enables you to monitor the most recent information from any company device. The frequency, voltage and amperage parameters are displayed in real time and periodical reports can be easily created and exported.

  • Real time monitoring and recording functions are accessible from any company device.
  • Create detailed reports for your inspectors with the data logging function.
  • Automatic backup of all critical parameters to database.

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