Selective tail cutter

Individual product routing

  • Tail cutter

The PMJ selective tail cutter automatically cuts the tails of all products or only from assigned products. The tail is cutted of the carcass or an incision is made in the tail area. In case of incision the tail will still be partly attached to the carcass. The knife can be adjusted in height, depth and cutting angle to have maximum flexibility in the type and size of cut.

  • Integrated by-pass functionality
  • Easy adjustable to process different sizes of poultry
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits in existing production lines (adaptable to most common conveyor tracks, shackle types and trolley pitches)
  • Tail cutting by separate driven circular knife.
  • Possibility to partly cut the tail so it stays connected to the product
  • Mounted on the conveyor structure

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