Scalding and plucking

The scalder is specially made for ducks and other waterfowl. Due to the balance between water and the amount of agitated air to loosen the feathers, a nice and equal heating around the product’s body is realized. With a system like this the skin of the duck will be heated equally without overheating the tail or breast skin.

All scalders built for the poultry industry are built to custom specifications. Due to the modular construction of the machine we achieve the best possible lay-out for any situation. The PMJ scalders are built to the latest standards regarding hygiene and easy cleaning. The side panels can be opened to provide a complete free entry to the internal of the machine for cleaning and service purposes.

  • Fully enclosed by easy removable panels and canopy which allows easy cleaning
  • Each section has a separation plate to allow two way scalding and thus doubling the scalding length without increasing the length of the scalder
  • Significant energy saving is established because of the lowest possible volume of water and thus heating the water

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