Drum plucking system

Scalding and plucking

Drum plucking system - Scalding and plucking

The PMJ drum plucking system is a complete defeathering solution. It is commonly known that this rotary type of plucker offers the best plucking result and outperforms in-line plucking systems, especially when dealing with size variations. In the PMJ solution, the typical disadvantages of conventional rotary type plucking systems are reduced to a minimum. The automatic loading- and discharging system, the ease of pluck cycle- and speed setting makes the PMJ drum plucking system the best of both worlds.

  • Combination of high automation and the best plucking performance
  • Full product plucking (including feet and head)
  • Can cope with wide weight, shape and size variations
  • This modular system can be configured for a perfect match with your capacity and types of product

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