BR-Tomassen, from pioneer to global player

In 1964, Mr. A. Tomassen started his own poultering company, which grew into a specialized company focused on slaughtering Peking duck for Chinese restaurants into the 1980’s. After Mr. A. Tomassen sold the company partly to an investment company in 1998, the company was completely bought back in 2006 by his son Gertjan Tomassen. During this period quality ducks found their way, in many forms, to customers all over Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Driven by passion and with an ambition for growth, Tomassen Duck-To B.V. merged with Bangkok Ranch Co. in 2007 Ltd. (Thailand). From that moment on the gateway to Asia was wide open. At that time, Bangkok Ranch consisted of a number of parent stock farms, a feed mills, hatcheries, slaughter house and cooking facilities. The BR-Group was established in 2009 as the parent company of Bangkok Ranch and Duck-To holding company. Meanwhile, BR-Tomassen has taken over Lucky Duck international food 100% and the activities and staff of V.S.E. in Harderwijk have been transferred to the production location in Ermelo.

PMJ and BR-Tomassen
Tomassen was PMJ’s first customer and a strong partnership soon emerged for innovative products that improved slaughter processes. You could almost say that PMJ was born at Tomassen. “What is often seen in the market is that equipment manufacturers follow passively in the production needs of customers. The collaboration with PMJ gave an active push and pull effect, investments in time and facilities must increase our productivity and reduce costs, that is what Tomassen is looking for in the development of automation in the slaughterhouse, ”said Jeroen IJzerman COO at BR-Tomassen. “We want to be a forerunner in cost price”. That means that we need to look, proactively, at reductions on wax consumption, the deployment of staff, etc. Quality has a price, that may be obvious, and that also means that there is a clear difference between suppliers. PMJ is without doubt,  proactively and reactively,  present with a very good quality. And it’s very important to know at PMJ it’s just; “agreed is agreed”.

A changing environment
It’s quite straight forward for BR-Tomassen, the world is changing faster and faster. Tomassen is one of the most valued suppliers of Pekin duck in the market. In all that is changing you see that quality is becoming increasingly less important. The supply of duck in the market has changed, increased, so the quality goes down. We want to continue being a quality supplier in that changing surrounding. In 2016, BR-Tomassen was the world’s largest exporter of Pekin duck. Now you see a huge shift to low-wage countries. That of course has to do with consumer behaviour; A citizen is not equal to a consumer. It also has to do with the regulations which are becoming stricter. No matter how hard you work or invest to achieve as good as possible to, say get a score of 95%, the last 5% is highlighted and outlined in media and press. The requirements of the one inspection body are not in line with the other, how do you deal with that? And so we see animal welfare and food safety are topics that are constantly at the top of the agenda, what also does not always go hand in hand. On the one hand the consumer wants more regional but on the other hand also more processed and yet also for a lower price. This is contradictory as it is not in line with the efforts that must be made to meet all the criteria for the various inspection body’s. Convenience certainly has added value and a regional product is better for the environment and welfare. But there is a cost price and that is precisely where a citizen becomes a consumer. That is something that we must realize very well.

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