Live bird handling

The proper treatment of live birds is vital because of its great impact on the quality and appearance of the final product. This live bird handling solution is designed with the highest animal welfare in mind, we are continuously striving to provide the best possible humane environment by reducing stress to an absolute minimum. The birds remain in their transport module until hanging.

The modular setup allows the systems to be adapted to any level of automation and production capacity desired. Integrated washing stations for both containers and drawers can be installed optionally to reduce any chance of cross contamination. Besides advanced full automated solutions, we also supply semi-automated systems with optional crate de-stackers and stackers.

Container handling system

The container system proves to be a reliable and cost effective solution for the smooth and quick handling of containers while maintaining the highest animal welfare level. The system is flexible in design and can be completely configured to suit your plant lay-out and degree of automation…

Drawer handling system

The drawers can either be received from the automated container unloading module, the drawer de-stacker or placed manually. We supply the complete range of equipment to ensure a swift handling of the drawers with live birds. This comprises conveyor solutions for infeed, various options for turning and elevating…

Hanging station

This hanging station combines the best of both worlds, an efficient and humane bird handling together with good ergonomics for your employees. The birds are taken manually from the drawers and are hung on the killing line. The raised working platform and optional air extraction on the product safeguards proper working conditions and quick hanging of the product.

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