Grading and packing

The grading and packing department includes various solutions for weighing, grading, packing and distribution of birds and by-products. Distribute individual birds exactly where you need them based on grading types like weight or quality. Birds can be routed to specific drop-off and packing stations for further handling. The PMJ overhead in-line weighing and grading system categorises the product and gives it a certain quality. This will determine if the birds will be cut into parts or if they will be processed as a whole. Both cutted parts and whole birds can be accurately distributed by the PMJ weighing conveyor belt and processed by our solutions for packing and dispatch. Altogether with our equipment for internal transport and advanced software solutions, we guarantee a highly efficient and integrated end of line operation.

  • Routing based on your requirements
  • Perfect order fulfilment
  • Match orders with supply

ABC quality grader

The PMJ ABC quality grader allocates a quality label to a product. A quality inspector visually checks the shackled product and determines a quality class. Three classes can be selected A, B or C.

  • ABC quality grader

In-line weigher

This machine weighs the product and forwards the weight information of each individual duck and shackle to a central control panel for identification of the type of product. This works in combination with the manual ABC quality grader…

  • In-line weigher

Drop-off stations

The different types of products are automatically dropped by lifting the leg from the shackle, causing the bird to drop in the right receiving bin.

Shrink tunnel

All kinds of bagged product in shrinking bags can be processed by this machine. The bags will shrink by transporting the bagged product through hot water curtains. This will result in an excellent presentation of the bagged product…

  • Shrink tunnel

Weighing conveyor belt

The PMJ weighing conveyor belt accurately weighs the individual products and discharges the products in a bin with a pre-set weight range. The machine can be executed with single side or dual side push-off stations.

  • Belt weigher

Batching hoppers

The batching hoppers are an option of the drop-off stations and the weighing conveyor belt. This solution allows you to create batches of a product with/up to a certain weight, quality and/or number of products. The hopper can drop the collected batch automatically into a box, crate or on a conveyor belt…

Giblet packing machine

The PMJ Giblet Pack Bagger packs giblets in a sealed bag. This bag can be placed back in the abdominal cavity of the product.

  • Giblet pack bagger - Grading and packing

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