Gizzard processing

The processing of gizzards is traditionally a labour intensive process. The PMJ gizzard processing line transforms this process into an efficient and almost completely labour free operation. Our experience allows us to configure a tailor made solution based on your product’s characteristics and growing conditions, like staw, wood dust or wire.

Gizzard washer

The PMJ gizzard washer cleans the gizzard by removing the surplus of fat and/or fatty tissue from the inserted product.

Gizzard lob cutter

This machine is cutting both ends of the duck or goose gizzard. The gizzard needs to be manually presented into a module that will transport the gizzard into the machine. Due to the internal positioning and cleaning system the gizzard will be optimally positioned to obtain an above average cutting yield.

Gizzard finisher

This machine de-fats the lobs after they have been separated by the gizzard lob cutter. The lobs will be cleaned from external materials like fat.

  • Gizzard fat remover

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