Feet processing

Removing the yellow feet skin is an important but labour intensive operation. This fully automatic processing line includes various solutions for feet scalding, de-skinning and chilling. The modular design and flexible integrations allow an ideal configuration and optimal footprint for each customer.

Feet unloader

The PMJ Feet unloader removes the feet from the shackle after they have been severed from the carcass.

  • Feet unloader

Feet scalder

This scalding tank is specially made to scald the feet of the duck after they have been cut and cleared from the line. This enables the thorough removal of the yellow skin in the feet de-skinner. The machine is equipped with a slow rotating conveyor screw to gently push the feet through the tank.

Feet de-skinner

The feet de-skinner removes the skin from the feet and the upper nail. This machine is equipped with a rotating shaft which removes the skin using fingers. The removed skin will be discharged through slots positioned in the side of the machine…

Spin chiller by-products

This machine is used for cooling down the whole birds, this immersion technique is relatively fast compared to other methods. The cooling time of the birds inside the machine can be changed by adjusting the conveyor screw speed. The transport direction of the birds is opposed to the direction of added cold water and cooling medium…

  • Spin chiller

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