The PMJ evisceration solutions are specifically aimed at duck, goose and other waterfowl and achieve unbeatable performance in all steps of the process. Solutions are available for any degree of automation, from manual to a virtually labour free process. Evisceration is done by removing the entire viscera pack in one piece. It can either be removed from the carcass completely or placed over the breast of the product. Cleanability comes back in all aspects of the machine design, enforcing world class hygiene standards.

Wing cutter

This machine is cutting the second joint of the wing from the duck. The wing needs to be presented into the slots of the machine manually. The wing will be cut in the joint or at any other position as required by the customer.

  • Wing cutter


This machine will slice the skin open after vent cutting from the back in the direction of the breast-bone. The opening will be just big enough to let the spoon of the EV machine enter the carcass.

  • Inside outside washer

Evisceration machine

The evisceration machine separates the giblet pack from the carcass. The giblet pack is directly transferred from the spoon to a separate pack conveyor belt or bin conveyor to minimize the risk of contamination. The pack conveyor is synchronized with the product conveyor to make inspection of a veterinarian easy and effective.

Giblet pack conveyor

The PMJ Giblet Pack Conveyor collects the giblet pack from the PMJ evisceration machine and presents the pack synchronized with the shackled product to the veterinary inspector. The giblet pack is collected in a pan shaped bin to make inspection easy and effective.

Neck skin slitter

The PMJ Neck skin slitter cuts the skin of the neck lengthwise. The opening created allows easy removal of the neck bone by the neck breaking machine.

Head cutter & tongue harvester

The PMJ Head Cutter & Tongue Harvester harvests the tongue by cutting the beak with tongue. In the next step, the head is severed from the neck. The head will be discharged separately from the beak parts with tongue.


The PMJ Neck Skin Cleaner (Cropper) is designed to remove the complete or remnants of the esophagus (feed pipe) and trachea (air pipe) from the area in between the neck and neck skin.

Neck breaker

The PMJ Neck breaker removes the neck bone from the product. The neck skin stays with the product. The neck bone can be cracked in the middle for easier and compact packing.

Final inspection machine

The PMJ Final Inspection Machine makes the final inspection of the carcass before inside/outside washing or chilling. It removes the (remnants of) lungs and other debris from the rib cage area inside by means of vacuum. The left and right cage will be vacuum cleaned independently assuring an optimal cleaning result.

In- outside washer

The PMJ Inside/Outside washer cleans the product at the inside and outside. The Inside/Outside washer is part of evisceration department and commonly the final step in the evisceration process.

Tail cutter

The PMJ Tail cutter automatically cuts the tail of the carcass or makes an incision in the tail area (tail will still be partly attached to the carcass). The knife can be adjusted in height, depth and cutting angle to have maximum flexibility in the type and size of cut.

  • Tail cutter

Feet cutter

The PMJ feet cutter severs the feet from the product at the tarsal/ankle joint. As the product is suspended in the shackle by its feet, the feet cutter acts as a product unloader. The feet will remain in the shackle until unloaded by a feet unloader.

  • Feet cutter

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