Marel acquires PMJ


Marel is pleased to announce it has successfully completed the acquisition of PMJ, a global provider of advanced processing solutions for the duck industry. United, the two companies are in a stronger position to drive further growth, providing better value for both current and future customers.


About PMJ

Poultry Machinery Joosten B.V. has 40 employees and is located in Opmeer in the Netherlands. PMJ is at the forefront of duck and goose processing solutions and services. The company was founded in 1998 as a family business and has evolved into a global leader for waterfowl processing solutions. PMJ’s product range contains solutions for a wide variety of production sizes..


Marel and PMJ stronger together

PMJ’s complementary product portfolio of primary processing, including waxing and automated evisceration, will make Marel the industry’s only full-line provider of duck processing solutions.

With a full-line offering to the global duck market, Marel will be in a stronger position to broaden its customer base in the duck segment, leverage its global sales and service network and expand into new markets. Together the two companies will be at the forefront in modernizing the duck market in partnership with their customers.

PMJ’s management team will stay on board and ensure business continuity for employees and customers, serving as the duck knowledge center.


Large and growing market

The global duck market is a large and growing market. The value of the global market for duck meat is estimated to be around EUR 6 billion. The annual volume of the duck meat market is currently 4.5 million tons, with 70% of this volume in China, where Marel already has an established presence. PMJ has built long-standing relationships with many of the largest duck processors in the world, and together with Marel’s global sales and service network and digital platforms, the companies will extend their global reach and strengthen customer support.


Roger Claessens, Executive Vice President of Poultry at Marel

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of PMJ; it is a logical step for Marel to expand its third pillar within poultry processing alongside broilers and turkey. Technical expertise and an impressive track record of continuous product innovation are defining characteristics of both PMJ and Marel. The high quality of PMJ’s solutions reflects the company’s 23 years of dedication to duck processing. With our combined efforts and continued focus on innovation, we will be in a stronger position to transform the duck industry in partnership with our customers.”


Bas van der Veldt, CEO of PMJ:

“We are proud of PMJ and what we have achieved together with all our loyal employees and customers worldwide. Our expertise in duck processing technology, our innovative solutions and our experienced employees, combined with the broad processing knowledge and worldwide coverage of Marel, will be the next step forward in serving our customer base even better.”


About Marel

Marel (NASDAQ: MAREL; AEX: MAREL) is a leading global provider of advanced food processing equipment, systems, software and services to the poultry, meat and fish industries. Our united team of more than 7000 employees in over 30 countries delivered EUR 1.3 billion in revenues in 2019. Annually, Marel invests around 6% of revenues in innovation. By continuously transforming food processing, we enable our customers to increase yield and throughput, ensure food safety and improve sustainability in food production. Marel was listed on NASDAQ Iceland in 1992 and dual-listed on Euronext Amsterdam in June 2019. For further information, please visit


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Where it all started

From improving the slaughtering processes to building an active and strong partnership, the collaboration between PMJ and BR-Tomassen is where it all started for PMJ. In search for innovative products, PMJ developed products to increase productivity and reduce costs. This was a huge relieve for Tomassen, as said by COO Jeroen IJzerman: “What is often seen in the market is that equipment manufacturers follow passively in the production needs of customers. The collaboration with PMJ gave an active push and pull effect, investments in time and facilities must increase our productivity and reduce costs, that is what Tomassen is looking for in the development of automation in the slaughterhouse.”


“The collaboration with PMJ gave an active push and pull effect” – Jeroen IJzerman (COO at BR-Tomassen)


Jeroen added: “We want to be a forerunner in cost price”. That means that we need to look, proactively, at reductions on wax consumption, the deployment of staff, etc. Quality has a price, that may be obvious, and that also means that there is a clear difference between suppliers. PMJ is without doubt,  proactively and reactively, present with a very good quality. And it’s very important to know at PMJ it’s just; “agreed is agreed”.


Building from experience

While maintaining the relation with Tomassen and continiously innovating, PMJ expanded on the market and has since succesfully produced and delivered many custom-made solutions all over the world. These experiences are adding up and making PMJ’s products more and more effective and efficiënt over time.


at PMJ it’s just; “agreed is agreed”

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