Automatic transfer solutions

Automatically transferring birds from one overhead conveyor to the next requires effective and specialized solutions. Especially when dealing with the special characteristics of duck or other large waterfowl, solutions designed for this application specifically are required. The PMJ systems are highly customizable and can be completely configured to suit your needs and requirements. The various options for releasing the birds from the incoming shackle and many possibilities for loading into the outgoing line offers great flexibility. The option for integrated weighing in-between lines means weighing can be done regardless the type of shackle.

Waxing line – Evisceration line

Evisceration line – Chilling line

Chilling line – Grading and packing line

Carousel rehanger

The PMJ rehanger transfers products automatically from one overhead conveyor to the next by taking them out of the shackle and placing them back in the shackle of the next overhead conveyor…

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