Animal welfare within the process

Animal welfare within the process

Stunning and killing is the first step needed in a slaughtering process. You would say this first step in that process is inconsistent with animal welfare. But nothing could be further from the truth as the PMJ water bath stunner is specially developed to fulfil the need of an ethically responsible slaughter method. It is the combination of the water bath stunner, the control panel and the software developed to store and monitor a correct and ethical procedure.

In the process it is crucial that the animals remain calm and without stress. A well organised live bird handling process supports the final quality of the end products. The birds will be fully relaxed and sedated without any muscle tension when coming out of the stunner bath. The birds will bleed easily and the plucking result will improve as result of the stunning process.

All settings related to the stunning process can be managed in such a way the processing of birds is in full compliance with regulations while quality is significantly improved and manual labour is reduced. All related data will be stored on the INtelligent machine and process controland linked to the software program INsights and monitoring.


You will get a clear and detailed insight in the stunner performance with the INtelligent machine and process control. The dashboards supports you to monitor the most recent information such as the frequency, voltage and amperage parameters which are displayed in real time. Periodical reports can be easily created and exported for your inspectors thanks to the data logging function.

The real time data and the recording functions are accessible from any company device and an automatic backup of all critical parameters is generated to the database.

Final step

In the final step of the automated killing process the PMJ standard Killing machine is designed to make an accurate incision. The incisions are made in such a way, a maximum bleeding result is achieved but keeping the structural connections, trachea and oesophagus intact. The depth of the incisions can be adjusted during operation. The latest development in killing is a machine that will make a single incision and is developed to meet halal requirement without concessions to the animal welfare regulations.

It can be stated that PMJ equipment for the initial step in the slaughter process is developed to meet animal welfare, industry regulations, customer requirements as well as economic feasibility.

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