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Egbert Joosten, Wiebe Feenstra, Bas van der Veldt. Foto credits.

PMJ is a young and bold company founded in 1998. It built its solid reputation on break-through innovations and tailor made solutions created with and for poultry processors worldwide. From being a one man family owned business, PMJ evolved in an global operating company widely recognised as being the sole specialist and provider of full range high-tech waterfowl processing solutions. PMJ is now the world market leader in this niche.

In October 2017 the private equity firm H2 Equity Partners (“H2”) acquired a majority shareholding in PMJ. Together with H2 as new investor, PMJ is well positioned to expand its product range further and broaden its international presence in the duck- and poultry processing sector in general.

Throughout its existence, PMJ prime focus has been improving their customer’s processes by continuous innovation. This resulted in a wide product range with state-of-the-art equipment. At this moment PMJ is able to offer full range solutions for capacities from 500 until 8.000 products per hour from live bird handling until grading and packing.
Apart from the duck and geese processing industry, PMJ is also active in other niche markets like turkey and game processing.

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